AI Research & Development

Fortia Artificial Intelligence mastery is a result of important R&D investments.

R&D at Fortia

Fortia strength is based on our ability to provide IT solutions which are well-known for our strong AI algorithms. Our services are also known for the ease regarding module embedding and utilization of our solutions. Since 2012, Fortia invested more than 50% of its income in order to provide the best IT quality. Our R&D investment has a particular focus on our spine, artificial intelligence. Without leaving aside the other subjects, our teams are working to continuously improve our AI services which are already leaders in their fields. 

Through the use of the 2OS no-code solution or Innova, our teams know what improvement they can bring to our services and by enhancing our AI services both the application builder and the compliance solution are upgraded. 

Our AI services will not be interesting as it is without an efficient platform. Fortia is always trying to improve its tech knowledge and make the 2OS no-code platform and Innova better platforms. 

Members behind the Artificial Intelligence

Investing in R&D means trusting a team of Data scientists and letting them time to work and succeed. We truly think that different points of view, different mindset can help to expand the team knowledge and improve the overall performance. This is the reason why Fortia relies on an international team of data science specialists. The team is composed of members coming from multiple places around the world with their own courses and training. Our team members move forward together, they manage problems they might encounter from different axes. The fact they are from different training allows a high flexibility and team working.