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Automated workflows, Digitalized processes, Team collaboration, Intelligent document processing, Analytics, Intelligent data reconciliation, Web portal, Extended SAP.

They trust Fortia expertise

DNCA Investment
Group Forward
Henry Schein

We created an ESG platform from scratch with various data & servicing layers enabling a collaboration between internal teams & clients. We were fascinated by the very fast time to market to delivery the App.

Rémi Monneau

Client Solution, Innovation at Pictet

We are delighted to work with 2OS. Congratulations to the team for their efficiency and their reactivity. The 2OS platform allows my team to interact with automation in real time enabling us to deliver customized data views.

Marcus Malley
Marcus Malley

Senior Managing Director at HedgeServ Limited

We are very satisfied with the 2OS platform which allows us to have a state-of-the-art technology.
Kudos also to the 2OS team for their professionalism and strong responsiveness.

Eric Franc
Eric Franc

Managing Director at DNCA Investments

Intelligence Artificial