2OS by Fortia: a new generation platform that combines no-code software and no-code AI

FORTIA has taken a new turn which enables us to present 2OS as a solution that combines both no-code software and no-code AI. This combination is a new paradigm that enables us to reach unprecedented levels of automation.

14 avril 2021

2OS no-code software

2OS is a no-code platform which is a combination of various technologies, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, automation, analytical tools, integration, and interoperability in the cloud. All of them are managed exclusively in the no-code universe. This whole process is behind 2OS’ success.

Thanks to the 2OS no-code platform, you merely need a few hours to create a high-impact business application with the opportunity to onboard AI algorithms, without any line of code. The interactive guide enables you to immediately use our platform without any instruction or training. 

Regardless of the topic (Financial AI, Business Process Automation, Risk Management, Compliance, Automatic, Document Analysis, KYC…) or the industry in which you are specialised (Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Law, Accounting…), 2OS will solve your problems with unprecedented efficiency and help you go into your no-code digital transformation.

The 2OS platform also provides you algorithms that process structured and unstructured data. For instance, our DocReader app enables you to extract useful information from your documents with strong value-added. You can also measure the market yields of your brands and products (Sentiment Analysis), and learn how to better communicate with your customers (Know Your Customer/Name Screening), etc. 

With 2OS you can create an intelligent application while respecting the integrity of your data & the highest IT security standards. 2OS has successfully invested in different R&D activities such as text-data mining, big data analysis, and automatic generation of algorithms. The outcome is concrete results delivered to our customers, streamlined processes and significantly improved business operations. A tangible example of 2OS’ no-code software is 2OS App Builder. 

2OS App Builder helps you put together elaborated and high-impact apps without requiring writing lots of lines of code. 2OS App Builder can handle any business challenge you face. Simple drags & drops of technology bricks enable you to create all the business scenarios and all the user interfaces you want to model. Behind this power lies a state-of-the-art technology based on a dynamic and adaptive architecture and natively scalable and intelligent features. Building an app has never been so intuitive.

The objective of Deep Automation from the 2OS no code AI App Builder is simple: enabling you to automate all your business processes and workflows without any limitation but also to provide an automated response to all situations and events whether external or internal in 3 steps: Think – Model – Automate. The benefits? Lower costs, improve process efficiency, and more! Click here to know more about 2OS App Builder. 

2OS no-code AI

Our newest feature and bonus is our AI structured data offer. This whole new section that we bring to the table is nearly unheard of. That basically implies that you get to mix no-code and AI. 

This service is a major step forward for our company. It offers five different apps (e.g. Data Normalization, Data Reconciliation, Data Anomaly Detection, Data Mapping and Data Name Screening) which all use AI to simplify the processes of managing data, fraud detection, and that of merging two different datasets. 

Among the advantages are adaptability, ease of use, low processing time, no-code, and more.  Let us give you a specific example of one of our AI products: Data Normalisation. 

These algorithms allow profiling automatically contents in a given structured data, measuring the problems, correcting the errors and normalizing the contents based on references. Thanks to this, you can retrieve all variations of each term, including its abbreviations and acronyms; identify duplicates; find spelling errors; check if a term or content of the data is coherent with the rest and finally obtain a qualified and normalized data. 

Among the assets our app provides are: the speed, the adaptability and how interactive it is, thus enabling the client to fully take part in the process. While, as a user, you usually either get the opportunity to choose the data you want to normalise or you are not involved in the process. With our AI Data Normalisation app, you can do both. 


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