About Fortia

About us

Fortia is a company founded in 2012 and based in Paris. We create enterprise technology solutions able to handle regulations of complex financial products and automate them into end-to-end operational processes. Our solutions are used by all size organizations in the financial sector and other highly regulated activities to industrialize their compliance and data-driven core processes. Use cases we have solved include Fund Investment Compliance, Trustee and Fiduciary Oversight automation, Investor Onboarding for Private Equity firms, ESG SFDR Compliance, Vendor Compliance, Regulatory Reporting.

Our platforms provide capabilities to ensure document analysis, Unstructured data transformation, Data aggregation, Workflow Automation and API interoperability. Fortia platforms are available in a SaaS mode and are based on our proprietary No-code architecture and AI as a service framework, which makes them fast to deliver and ready to use.

Innovation is our DNA

Fortia has a real innovation strategy focusing on the development of its know-how and capabilities in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning. Fortia uses its in-house built proprietary algorithms to achieve tailored automation processes, lower considerably operational costs and add efficiency for its clients. The innovation DNA is helping us solving complex business cases.

Fortia, ready to be challenged

Our experience working on complex business cases with our clients has enabled us to face any challenge. We are using cutting-edge technologies that will transform the way businesses deal with their processes. We pair technical skills from our teams of Data scientists and business analysts in charge of many projects. Our state-of-the-art AI solutions are empowering clients for cost reduction and business excellence.

Today, we are continuously developing our solutions to ensure competitiveness for our clients.