Fortia Background

Fortia started in 2012, follow how it has grown up since its creation.


2012, Genesis

Fortia was born from the ambition of experts in the field of asset management and regulatory compliance. Their ambition was to bring a technological solution to custodian banks subject to drastic constraints following the 2008 financial crisis. Fortia’s founders worked in the Finance sector for years, after experimenting with lots of problems and pain points, they decided to launch Fortia in order to provide a digital solution that will help banks, asset managers, fund investors…

2015, R&D

After three years of intensive research, development and training of its algorithms, Fortia brings to the market a powerful and innovative solution.

2016, BNP Innovation Lab

BNP Paribas selected Fortia as part of the BNP Innovation Lab to accelerate the development and launch of the Innova solution. They believed in this ambitious project and kwew that digital AI solutions will change the Finance sector. It quickly became a leader and started to collaborate with large firms such as Swisslife, Cogefi or BNP Paribas…

Regtech 100

2016 – 2018, Improvement & Recognition

Fortia continued to improve its technology by investing more than 50% of their turnover in R&D. After a few years, Fortia solutions supported multiple customers. It also started to be well-known around both the Finance and Tech sectors, For the first time, Fortia is listed in the world’s top 100 most innovative Regtechs. With six patents filed, Fortia offers unique solutions to important clients confirming its leadership position. Beside customers, the French company has been awarded by multiple organizations (RegTech100, French Tech 120, Most Innovative RegTech by Grant Thornton…)

2018-2019, New project on the line

Later, Fortia expanded to other activity sectors. Indeed, once they perfected their Financial digital solutions, the French firm had the ambition to allow all companies to take advantage of their innovation. They start a new R&D project around a total no-code platform to build high-impact business applications.

2OS no-code platform

2021, Birth of 2OS by Fortia:

After three years of R&D, Fortia finally launched its platform to create business applications without any line of code. They invented the “deep no-code”, it is at the same time an app builder that allows creating applications, and an AI-builder that allows embedding Artificial Intelligence modules in total no-code.