Awards & Events

Dicover events in which Fortia participated and also rewards that the Fortia teams won.

Logo EG Fintech 100

ESG Fintech 100 (2022)

Fortia’s ESG solution has been named as one of the most innovative solution on the market

The ESGFinTech100 is an annual list of 100 of the world’s most innovative ESG companies offering solutions for the financial services industry selected by a panel of industry experts and analysts.


Investment Day (2022)

Michael Priem, CEO of Fortia, Keynote – Hyperautomation & AI

During the 2022 Investment Day, Michael Priem introduced Hyperautomation et AI. On this Keynote the company CEO present how Fortia became the first company to provide « Deep no-code » solutions. Later, Fortia’s head of innovation participated in a roundtable discussion « SaaS, Paas, Deploy online, Become API! »

Fintech business Day logo

Fintech Business Day (2022)

Speed-meetings & Networking

Fortia participated in the Fintech Business Day held by Finance Innovation. During that day, our team met other actors and show our solutions to companies.

CIO Application Magazin

CIO Application Europe (2021)

Member of the 10 TOP AI Powered Solution Providers 2021 & cover of the artificial Intelligence edition magazine

The magazine ‘CIO Application Europe’ treats technology subjects, they stand out with a unique approach of learning from industry leaders. 

For the Artificial Intelligence edition, the magazine decided to award the 10 best AI solution providers. The 2OS platform capabilities to embed AI algorithms without any line of code and our expertise in the AI sector placed Fortia among the TOP 10 AI powered solution providers.

On top of that, CIO Application Europe chose our Head of Innovation, Miroslav Petrov, to illustrate the cover of the artificial Intelligence edition magazine. The magazine dedicated an article and explained how Fortia solutions can improve businesses.

Webinar (2021)

Is no-code the future of the digital transformation of the financial industry?

Fortia and Finance Innovation held a webinar in late 2021. Multiple no-code users (Pictet, RATP Dev, Deloitte, DNCA Investments, CGI) were present to discuss no-code development opportunity, Fortia introduced 2OS, the no-code platform to create high impact application in a very short time.

Regtech100 (2018 – 2019 – 2021)

Ranked in the RegTech 100 “The world’s most innovative RegTech”  companies

The RegTech Analyst platform is a special version of FinTech Global, focused on RegTech, risk management tech and cybersecurity. RegTech Analyst is the preeminent provider of data, research and analysis on the global RegTech market. They cover every trend, every investment and profile every company that provides a technology solution for compliance, risk management or cybersecurity. 

The RegTech100 is an annual list of 100 of the world’s most innovative RegTech companies selected by a panel of industry experts and analysts. Companies among this list are considered as world’s most innovative RegTech companies that every financial institution needs to know about. Our technology placed Fortia on the RegTech100 list in 2018, 2019 and 2021.

logo AEFR

Association Europe Finances Régulations (2021)

Use of AI algorithms for Compliance

AEFR held this event in 2021 to discuss on several topic: Artificial Intelligence risk & opportunities, fair lending use cases, AI for compliance, Data solutions for ESG management. During this event, Fortia presented its technologies to share how Artificial Intelligence algorithms can support companies regarding their compliance.

Cobling 2020 logo

International Conference on Computational Linguistics (2020)

Ranked #3 at the coling’2020 event in Barcelona

The 28th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING) has been held in Barcelona, Spain, from 8 to 13 December 2020. COLING’2020 invited the submission of long and short papers on original and unpublished research covering all aspects of natural language and computation. The workshops held in Barcelona covered Financial Narrative Processing and MultiLing Financial Summarisation (FNP-FNS 2020). 

Fortia Data Science team participated in the Financial Narrative Summarisation shared task (FNS 2020) on summarizing UK annual reports. The data for the shared task was created and collected from publicly available UK annual reports published by firms listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE). 

On automatic summary generation from annual reports subject, Fortia submits a system with an « extractive » approach based on a headline classifier for judging if a headline is the one of a section explaining the most representative contents of an annual report. Fortia methodology and system received the third place behind Cornell University and Samsung.

La French Tech 120 (2020)

Placed among the 120 French most innovative & promising companies

The ‘La French Tech 120’ is a label accorded by the French government. This label is given to the most innovative and promising companies in France. Launched in 2019, the FT120 supports start-ups with the potential to become world-class technology leader. The FT120’s role is to assist hyper-growth companies with administrative, financial and salary issues through privileged contacts. 

In 2020, Fortia integrated the list of these 120 most innovative and promising companies. 2OS no-code platform is trusted by this organization to become a worldwide leader in our sector.

logo gran thornton

Grant Thornton RegTech Ceremony (2019)

Received the Most Innovative RegTech awards at the Grant Thornton RegTech ceremony

The awards celebrate best-in-class technologies and solutions from across the regulatory technology ecosystem and are based on a new RegTech Index designed to highlight the wide array of technologies available to financial services organisations. The Index was developed in conjunction with ‘The Disruption House’, a research and data driven modelling firm specialising in early stage and high growth technology providers, with the awards acknowledging stand-out firms in the following six categories:

  • Best Performer 
  • Best Newcomer 
  • Most Innovative RegTech 
  • Most Agile RegTech Solution 
  • Best Regulatory Reporting Solution 
  • Best Regulatory Reporting Management Solution 

Fortia received the award of the Most Innovative Regtech for our technology and capabilities to innovate.

Logo top Startups linkedin

LinkedIn Top Startups (2019)

Ranked in the LinkedIn’s annual Top of the most fast-growing & innovative companies

The LinkedIn annual Top Startups list is a reflection of how work is changing which new industries are emerging and rapidly growing and where people want to work now. LinkedIn selected 25 companies that stand out for their ability to innovate, these companies are considered as real precursors, according to LinkedIn, they revolutionize the sector in which they evolve. 

To establish this ranking, LinkedIn journalists and data scientists analyzed all actions taken by the 18 million LinkedIn members in France. LinkedIn took into account four criteria: membership growth, interactions on the platform with the company and its employees, interest in job postings, and ability to attract top talent. 

Fortia seduced with its innovative technology, capabilities to automate and digitalize processes, with AI or without AI.

regulation asia logo

Regulation Asia (2019)

Recognition for our excellence in the compliance automation category

Regulation Asia held its annual Awards ceremony in Singapore to announce the winners of the ‘Regulation Asia Awards for Excellence 2019’. The Awards programme aims to annually recognise technology companies, services providers, and market infrastructure institutions that have helped shape the regulatory landscape in Asia Pacific. 

These awards credit the continuing excellence of financial services institutions, market infrastructures, technology firms and service providers across the region in their work to ensure compliance with ever-changing and increasingly complex rules. More than 140 representatives from 60 firms attended the ceremony, including award winners, their clients, and relevant partners. 

Fortia was awarded for its AI-based system that enables end-to-end automation of regulatory requirements by capturing and interpreting policies and guidelines from legal documents.

NII logo

NTCIR (2019)

Ranked #1 for FinNum shared task at the 14th NTCIR conference (Tokyo, Japan)

Since 1997, The National Institute of Informatics In Tokyo has organized the NTCIR project which promote research efforts for enhancing Information Access (IA) technologies such as Information Retrieval (IR), Text Summarization, Information Extraction (IE), and Question Answering (QA) techniques. NTCIR-14 focuses on three topics on IA technology mainly:

  • Answering complex questions and queries through deep understanding of text and user intents 
  • Mining knowledge from a large amount of human generated data 
  • Application of knowledge extracted from big data to intelligent IA technologies 

Fortia participated in the event, which was to analyze tweets on financial subjects. We presented the Sentiment Analysis algorithm. This has placed Fortia at the top spot with the first place.


Irish Funds (2019)

Annual Global Funds Conference – The future of funds, Evolution or Revolution ?

This event is a highlight in the international funds industry calendar and attracts a wide range of participants from across the international investment funds community. The conference brings together prominent industry speakers to discuss current issues and challenges facing the industry and will include thought-provoking and informative presentations, keynote talks and panel discussions from internationally respected industry experts. During this event, Fortia’s head of innovation, Miroslav Petrov, share his thought on Fintech & Artificial Intelligence.

L'atelier BNP logo


BNP Paribas invite the most innovative start-ups to collaborate with them in the « Fintech Boost » accelerator

L’Atelier BNP supports start-ups in their development, it is an event dedicated to Fintech. It offers BNP Paribas’business lines the opportunity to test and implement the most innovative solutions, ranging from new services to the optimization of internal processes, and to assist entrepreneurs in the development of their project. The goal of this event is to develop new business opportunities and new services/products for their clients. 

Among 142 candidates, Fortia was one of the 8 companies selected to join the open innovation program to meet the needs expressed by BNP Paribas’ business lines in areas as varied as cyber security, customer experience, risk and compliance, insurance and payment. During four months, Fortia and BNP Group collaborated and worked on several projects based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and collaborative intelligence.