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Fortia has the chance to be the subject of press content to talk about its technologies and experiences.

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Between artificial intelligence and ESG

In this article, Michaël Priem explains why ESG is now more important for companies. Fortia supports ESG transition with its Artificial Intelligence, discover how.

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Finyear (2022)

Fortia announced its Intelligent document processing tool: Financial Doc Reader

Finyear is a specialized media on the finance sector. Intelligent Document Processing tools are very high value for Financial firm. This article will explain why.

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Assurance & banque 2.0 (2022)

Fortia launched its Financial Doc Reader

Assurance & Banque 2.0 has been interested in our product, the Financial Doc Reader. This article introduces our intelligent document processing tool trained for the finance industry.

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GPO Mag (2022)

Le no-code est mort, vive le deep no-code

GPO Mag is a website of information specialized on business leader. The magazine was very interested in our CEO point of view. In this article, it is about the advantages of no-code over traditional development. Michael Priem introduces the Deep no-code for the creation of business solutions.

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Journal du Net (2022)

Moins de code (low-code / no-code), plus d’IA

Journal du Net is a French website of information, it is specialized in financial news. According to //Netrankings panel, JDN is the 2nd most influential website in this category. In June 2022, they published an article written by our CEO Michael Priem. It introduces the advantages of no-code/low-code solutions over traditional development.

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Finance Innovation (2022)

Miroslav Petrov Interview, Fortia co-founder

Finance Innovation is one of the seven global competitive clusters, they also are partners of Fortia. On this interview, Miroslav Petrov, Fortia head of innovation, talks about the company background and what no-code can offer to companies.

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Le Monde Informatique (2022)

No-Code For RATP Dev

RATP Dev trust believes that No-Code solutions are the most reliable solution on the market for IT project. Fortia supported the transport company in their digitalization, with 2OS No-Code.

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CIO Online (2022)

Patrice Kestenberg interview about No-code

CIO Online interviewed our client, RATP Dev on their choice to trust Fortia. Patrice Kestenberg explained why no-code is interesting and how Fortia delivered a solution very fast.

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Finyear (2022)

Miroslav Petrov Interview to present Fortia solutions

Fortia Head of innovation, Miroslav Petrov, answered Finyear questions in an interview. On this interview, Miroslav talks about Fortia history with a focus on no-code benefits.

CIO Application Europe (2021)

Top 10 AI Powered Solution Provider

CIO Application Europe is a magazine specialized in new technology with a unique approach of learning from industry leaders. For the Artificial Intelligence edition, the magazine decided to award the 10 best AI solution providers. Fortia is mentioned among the TOP 10 AI powered solution provider with our name on the magazine cover.

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Journal du Net (2021)

Pourquoi l’IA est devenue indispensable dans les centres de contact

Journal du Net is a French website of information, it is specialized in financial news. According to //Netrankings panel, JDN is the 2nd most influential website in this category. In late 2021, an article appeared, it has as a subject the advantages of artificial intelligence. Didier Lambert highlights Fortia several times and explained benefit of our No-Code & AI technology: the Deep no-code.

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Jiachen Yang -NEOMA Business School (2021)

Learn Machine Learning & No-code app building

Miroslav Petrov, head of innovation at Fortia, went to Neoma Business school campus to introduces Machine Learning & No-code. By presenting Fortia’s technologies to the students, Miroslav shared how to answer tomorrow IT challenges. Jiachen Yang wrote an article on Miroslav presentation.

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Fintech Talents (2020)

Fintech of the week is Fortia

For the second time, Fintech Talents talked about Fortia. Miroslav Petrov presented Fortia technologies, presentation captured in video by Fintech Talents.

Décideurs Magazine (2020)

The AI Challenge is to make it accessible to every one

Décideurs Magazine is a several subject focused magazine (finance, law, politics, digital…). When Fortia launched the deep no-code platform 2OS, they were very interested in this innovative technology. They interviewed Reda Bouakel, CEO of Fortia at this time.

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Mind Fintech (2020)

Fortia launch a No-code platform

When Fortia announced that an innovative no-code platform was in development, Mind Fintech showed an interest and met Reda Bouakel, former CEO at Fortia. They wrote an article to introduce Fortia and learn more about the coming no-code platform, 2OS.

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News Managers (2019)

Fortia aims to improve Data analysis

News Managers is specialized on asset management subject. In 2019, they wrote an article on Fortia and its technology.

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Fintech Talents (2019)

RegTech with a dose of Parisian style

Fintech Talents is a community of over 200,000 digital transformation leaders from across fintech ecosystem. In this article, Fintech Talents introduced Fortia as a Regtech firm that likes to do things differently. They interviewed our head of innovation and invited us to their event, the Fintech Talents Generation 2019.

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Capital (2018)

Fortia, the start-up that helps banks

Capital is a French magazine focus on economy subjects. In 2018, seeing Fortia growing, they decided to meet the former CEO of Fortia.

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Alloweb (2016)

Fortia obtains a fundraising

In early 2016, Fortia project seduced multiple investors and obtained a fundraising.