Artificial Intelligence

Fortia’s core value is mainly based on their expertise on Artificial Intelligence. Discover how Fortia manages to be a leader as an AI provider.

Fortia’s ability to provide high impact solutions to complex use cases through both 2OS and Innova comes from a technical mastery and a business knowledge. The IT at Fortia has always been very important, and since 2012 the investment was taken seriously. What makes Fortia solutions (2OS & Innova) unique is the maturity level of AI algorithms. Fortia relies on an international team of data scientists.

Our AI algorithms

Since Fortia provides solutions based on AI as Innova, our teams developed multiple Artificial Intelligence algorithms. These AI algorithms are various and answer to different needs. As one of the best AI solutions providers, Fortia lets the customer have a perfect AI solution made to measure, with 2OS for example, no-code allows to create the workflow needed by a company. Fortia uses the latest machine learning technology which enables us to customize algorithms to our customers requirements.

We aim to provide AI solutions for structured and unstructured Data, our AI gallery covers multiple industries and can be adapted to various businesses.