Fortia AI expertise

Fortia aims to provide efficient AI solutions to companies, the level of expertise regarding artificial intelligence is our strength.

From the very first day, Fortia sought to continuously improve its services. Artificial Intelligence services are what makes Fortia unique. During all these years providing business solutions, first Innova, then 2OS,  Fortia increased their knowledge regarding artificial intelligence. Fortia obtained, over the years, a high level of expertise in AI.

CIO Application Magazin

TOP AI provider

Since Fortia launched the no-code platform 2OS back in 2019, Fortia can help companies from all industries. The combination of our Business Analyst teams and Data Scientist teams put Fortia in a great position to support our customers. The artificial intelligence algorithms created to boost efficiency of firms made Fortia one of the top providers of AI solutions. The magazin CIO Application Europe mentioned Fortia as one of the 10 best AI powered solution providers. 

Fortia’s versatility to answer complex compliance requirements in the finance sector with Innova or create high-impact applications for all industries in record time thanks to the 2OS no-code platform makes Fortia a leader in IT solutions providers. 

Fortia’s Artificial Intelligence rewards:

Our teams are always improving their skills in order to provide the best IT services. One of the more interesting ways to train and test its knowledge is to participate in events where big companies are present. Fortia teams participated in multiple events and has been awarded for its mastery in Artificial Intelligence. 

Fortia’s AI mastery level has been recognized for the first time in 2019 in Japan. At the National institute of Informatics (NTCIR) events, the subject was to analyze tweets on financial subjects with an Artificial Intelligence solution. Fortia participated and obtained first place over companies such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Oracle…