07 novembre 2022

Partnership between Fortia and Code.source

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05 juillet 2022

Lamarck Group and Fortia are expanding their partnership with an ESG offer.

03 juillet 2022

Why Artificial Intelligence is critical ?

28 juin 2022

Big Code: The New Challenge of AI

27 mai 2022

No-Code: What Makes it an Advantage for Digital Transformation?

24 avril 2022

No-Code: what is it and why is it great for your business?

27 février 2022

Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data: what makes them different?

22 février 2022

Deep Automation: The Future of Artificial Intelligence?

28 janvier 2022

Is the growth of AI adoption truly positive?

24 novembre 2021

No-code vs Low-code : Which one is the best?

02 novembre 2021

Human in the Loop: What is it and why is it useful in Machine Learning?

21 septembre 2021

FINTOC 2021 Shared-Task: “Financial Document Structure Extraction”

24 août 2021

Automation: What Makes It A Great Ally To Companies And Workers?

28 juin 2021

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning: which one performs better?

14 avril 2021

2OS by Fortia: a new generation platform that combines no-code software and no-code AI

12 février 2021

FinSim-3: The 3rd Shared Task on Learning Semantic Similarities for the Financial Domain

28 juin 2020

What Makes AI a Hugely Valuable Tool for Finance?