Partnership between Fortia and Code.source

7 novembre 2022

Founded in 2020, is a leading no & low code agency in Europe. builds technically complex projects with expert developers using no & low code tools, providing an unprecedented go-to market speed and extreme agility.


Founded in 2012, post-subprime crisis, to respond to new financial regulations when existing technologies did not allow for quick compliance solutions to be implemented. Fortia innovated and invested in the field of artificial intelligence, process automation and large data processing.

Today, and Fortia are now joining forces to strengthen their capabilities :

For, partnering with Fortia provides much more capabilities and expertise in artificial intelligence, especially in the financial and regulatory technologies. For Fortia, it means a trustful additional workforce and more business needs to address thanks to

portrait Michael Priem

Michael Priem, CEO of Fortia comments : “Fortia can address more business needs through workforce and influence. We are very pleased to collaborate and share our vision. »

Maxime Topolov, CEO of Code Store comments : “Unlike many no/low code platforms, Fortia is the only one that natively integrates artificial intelligence capabilities. We can now offer our customers unstructured documents analysis inside their applications with few clicks, something that would require weeks of work before Fortia”.


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