2OS No-code AI-Builder

Access the power of Artificial Intelligence for your digital transformation. Process your structured and unstructured Data without any line of code.

Access to artificial intelligence power

2OS no-code allows companies to embed strong artificial intelligence algorithms in a few clicks. Without any technical knowledge, be able to process your Data whether it is structured or not. With our algorithms, automate complex processes of your company and take advantage of exceptional accuracy.

Faster, Easy and Accurate

Deep no-code is the fastest solution to build solutions for complex projects. It allows you to create an application from the App-Builder and complete it with strong artificial Intelligence features. Companies can get a full customized solution without a massive budget. Deep no-code also has the advantage of being easy to use, technical profiles are no-more needed which gives a high flexibility to companies. Finally, by using artificial intelligence solutions, companies take advantage of an accuracy close to 100%.

Embed or create your artificial intelligence

Embed AI solution to your Application

2OS AI-Builder gives accessibility to an artificial intelligence solutions library. Adapt our solutions to your application and take advantage of the sharpest AI technology.

Create your custom AI powered solution

2OS also gives the opportunity to create a custom AI powered solution by using our API MLs. Build regarding your AI requirement and embed it to your business application.