Data Anomaly Detection (TSA)

AI Prediction Software to boost businesses reliability systems


  • State of the art detection engine uses our patented technology to leverage huge amounts of data in the fastest way and automatically identifies critical anomalies in historical data or in real time.
  • Customizable detection lets you set your own detection levels and define what should be considered an anomaly and what should not.
  • Automatic detection does not require annotating training data. Save time by providing unlabeled data to the system and only focus on fixing the problems ASAP.
  • Dynamic system adapts to the changes in behavior of your system. Since the normal behavior changes as the system evolves, TSA automatically adapts and keeps the level of false alarms low.


  • Efficiency: TSA module is very accurate, companies can rely on a sharp AI solution to avoid errors.
  • Time Saver: Process with a huge amount of Data in the fastest ways. Automatically detect anomaly and focus on fixing problems.
  • Flexibility: this system can be adapted to all systems, in record time.