Doc Writer

Generate in a few minutes any type of well-formed text/document from information in a structured format.


  • An integrated annotation tool that allow to add a new document type by annotating one document in a few minutes.
  • Doc Writer allows generating a document from structured data, domain-independent and document type-independent.
  • Time-saving: Once the user updates the data, information are automatically detected and the only related sections to this modification are re-generated.
  • A reporting is generated along with the document. This reporting contains KPI and details on the coverage of the given information by the user in the generated document.
  • A new type of document can be added, simply by annotating one (or more) example.


  • Efficiency, generated sentences are grammatically correct because a spell checker and grammar corrector developed in-house are integrated in the generation algorithms.
  • Time Saver, Process of reflection and writing documents is a matter of minutes with the Doc Writer
  • Doc Writer supports companies by offering a high flexibility.

How it Works

The user annotates a set of documents with the same type as the document he requires, he then inserts information in a field-value format to generate a new document representing this information. The generation system is based on scoring metrics and clustering methods, allowing to select the best templates dynamically according to your input data. Once the Doc Writer generated a document, the user can have a look and modify the repository. Then the user can download or send its new document by email directly on the platform.