2OS No-code App Builder

Create high impact business applications without any line code and stay one step ahead.

No-code powerful features

How to develop an app ? The promise kept by 2OS App Builder is to allow you to create your high-impact applications without any limits and without writing a single line of code. Whatever business challenge you face, 2OS App Builder is ready to meet it. 

Simple drags & drops of technology bricks allow you to create all the business scenarios you want to model and all the user interfaces. Behind this power lies a state-of-the-art technology based on a dynamic and adaptive architecture and natively scalable and intelligent features. Building an app has never been so intuitive. Technical skills are no more required.

Deep Automation

Data mastery is the most important foundational pillar for creating high value-added business applications. 2OS enables detailed management of the life cycle of data and repositories. In addition, it allows the extraction of relevant value from all your data, whether structured or not. All of this, always in no code.

The objective of Deep Automation from the 2OS no code AI App Builder is simple: to allow you to automate all your business processes and workflows without any limitation but also to provide an automated response to all situations and events whether external or internal in 3 steps: Think – Model – Automate

App-Builder Modules

  • 2OS Data Modeling allows you to create a physical data model from a high-level conceptual model without any lines of code.
  • Data modeling in 2OS allows you to identify entity types, classes, attributes. 
  • Joining capabilities allow you to build associations between entities, similar to associations between classes – relationships, inheritance, composition and aggregation are all concepts that can be applied in data modeling.
  • Users can create data models using a simple drag-and-drop interface that automatically creates joins between different data sources.
  • Ensure versioning of the full Data Lifecycle history.

  • 2OS allows the creation of all screens by simple Drag & Drop whatever the type of screen: form, dashboard, data and information visualization.
  • 2OS allows a very advanced customization of screens thanks to a widget library and a wide range of functions.
  • Every component can be placed on the screens with a simple Drag & Drop interaction in a matter of minutes. You can visualize your modifications immediately in real time.
  • With access to a broad selection of different components, you have total control over your application’s interface : Data Visualization / User Input / Layouts.

  • The process manager of 2OS allows automation of the tasks and processes of the application you want to build without any code.
  • All you need is just to drag and drop standard actions in the application to configure the processes needed.
  • Processes can be launched from many areas throughout the application such as user actions or automatic triggers.
  • Build prototypes fast to iterate and adjust them to your proper needs.
  • Toolbox for building advanced processes :
    • Actions (Data Import, Electronic Signature, Reporting, Workflows)
    • AI Space (Unstructured and Structured data algorithms)
    • Data Manipulation (Get, Create, Update, Delete, Assign, Filter)
    • Files (Store, Encode, Decode, FTP)
    • Interactions (API Call connector, Notifications, Emails)
    • Logic (Conditions, Sub-Processes, Pause, Switch, Rollback)

  • Create your own API to connect your generated application to your own architecture.
  • Select the functions you would like to expose : Read, Write, Update, Delete.
  • Select the list of data features you would like to expose.
  • API REST Urls are generated automatically and are ready to be used 

  • Create Menus and Sub-Menus for each user profile and select the appropriate Icon for each menu.
  • Manage narrow data access permissions to Read, Write, Update or Delete for each type of entity in the data model.
  • Choose criterias to restrict data visible to each user profile.
  • Assign news users to one or more profiles.

  • Native connectors: extract data from semi structured files (csv, txt, etc.) or structured database (sql, oracle, etc.).
  • Data transformations: set up a series of rules or functions applied to the extracted data in order to prepare it for loading into the end target.
  • Apply Data Quality rules on loaded data by choosing blocking and nonblocking alerts.
  • Auto-assign columns from source to the appropriate data model for faster integration.

  • Our integrated report designer has a convenient, modern, and familiar Ribbon UI with many design themes.
  • The report designer supports 40+ UI localizations. 
  • The report designer has various wizards for the quick start in creating reports and setting report components.
  • It allows you to quickly integrate the component into your project and immediately start creating reports.
  • Produced reports are available in many formats including pdf, ppt, doc, xls, csv, image.
  • Reports can be automatically sent or generated from the application.

  • Ability to choose your own Logo and Favicon displayed in the web browser
  • 2 Themes are available by default : Dark & Light
  • Design your own theme by choosing the color of each visual element available in the screen : background, buttons, charts, lists, forms, text etc… 
  • Define a default Theme for your Application

  • Retrieve all Application modifications by Module and by User.
  • Search by category : Creation, Modification, Deletion.
  • Display all the change details and related App elements.
  • Hyperlink brings you to the Module and entity which has been modified.
  • Export the Audit trail in csv, xls or xml format.

  • Create new environments for the Application development lifecycle (integration, UAT, Production).
  • Manage application versioning.
  • Publish the latest modifications in Production.
  • Compare differences between two versions of the same Application.
  • Export the App configuration and import in other workspaces (json format).

  • Centralized and clear view of Logs to debug your generated app.
  • Release Management: deploy new functionality in production while protecting the integrity of existing services & Data.
  • The deployment process of complex applications, including impact analysis, is automatically managed by 2OS.
  • No need to have a specialized skill set like script experts.