End to end solution to support firms in the financial sector. With artificial intelligence, Innova allows the creation and automation of fund companies processes.

Innova is a modular solution designed for the financial sector. It enables the creation and automation of end to end business processes for custodian banks, asset managers or funds administrators. This artificial intelligence powered solution supports companies with full automation of investment compliance controls with semantic analysis and automatic detection of investment rules. It also automates and simplifies trustee & fiduciary processes. 

With Innova, Compliance & Processes have never been so effortless.

Manage your Compliance with Innova

Fortia has built a key solution focused on the fund’s industry needs, allowing custodians, fund and asset managers to stay compliant using evolutive technologies. Fortia is addressing the most specific investment compliance needs to be related to funds across multiple jurisdictions. The platform automates your investment compliance controls for your fund. The innovative approach of investment funds compliance and the ability to automate each of the required controls using Artificial Intelligence are a key success factor to meet your statutory and regulatory requirements, reduce risks of errors and costs.

Innova features related to Compliance include :

  • Automatic detection of rules from a financial document
  • Generation of ratios from detected rules
  • Implementation of rules automatically and/or manually
  • Audit and Automation of breach analysis
  • 4-eyes controls check
  • Flexible Workflow engine
  • Reporting capabilities and dynamic dashboards
  • ETL and Data Quality Checks

Manage your processes with Innova

Innova is a unique solution for next-generation operating processes. It enables banking, financial services, and other industries for business process automation in complex operational environments. Whatever the model’s complexity, Innova will modernize operations using artificial intelligence algorithms, business process monitoring, business activity monitoring and a powerful calculation engine.

Processes automated for trustee & Fiduciary

  • Cash monitoring
  • Cash reconciliation
  • Timely Settlement
  • Funds Lifecycle
  • Asset Certification
  • NAV Review
  • Safekeeping controls and legal documentation

Innova Modules

The AI Software solution allows businesses from the finance sector to manage their activity in a rigorous way thanks to the following modules.

Harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is Innova’s trademark, the solution uses strong AI algorithms to ensure a high fiability rate and avoid any error. The platform uses Fortia’s proprietary machine learning algorithms for semantic analysis, automatic rule detection, and compliance check creation support.

Innova’s Modules

This module allows to build and modify databases and insert new Data automatically from a wide variety of different sources thanks to powerful ETL (Extract-Transform-Load).

Enables companies to manage all their internal referencial.

With this module, companies can centralize all their documents related to finance activity and ensure their versioning.

It is the module from which fund companies can set up their compliance controls, model the entities to be monitored such as investment funds, but also build and follow up the control plans of these entities and the incidents related to them.

Allows creation of dynamic reports.

The Business process management module enables creation and planning of end-to-end processes by integrating all the operations created from other modules.

It allows planning and managing actions to be taken as part of the evolution of the life cycle of the entities companies wish to monitor.

Fortia AI Algorithms

Allows identification of the funds and sub-funds concerned by a prospectus as well as the parts related to each one. It exploits its full potential when processing umbrella funds.

Allowing semantic analysis and precise identification of statutory and regulatory controls mentioned in these prospectuses.

Enables identification of conformity controls present in tables.

Allowing the identification of existing robo-rules corresponding to the detected rules.