Digitalize “Know Your Customer” process

Digital client onboarding, MIF investor profile deductions, investment proposal.

Customer satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction.

accuracy icon

Data accuracy, manual errors eliminated, and the data can be re-used.

FTE saving icon

3 FTE Equivalent savings

Business Challenge

The process is done via Excel and Email. Each person / team has its own way of working and there is no golden data for a customer (in terms of information or document):

  • Process high in volume, repetitive, and highly manual.
  • Required back-office team to input data for their client, instead the client himself.
  • The process was slow and prone to error.

Fortia solution

With 2OS, client designed an application to digitalize KYC process with a tailor-made solution:

  • Collect correct client information
  • Maintain data and document over time
  • Ensure continuous adherence to policy
  • Provide transparency and accountability throughout the process.