Digitalize staff ethics & compliance

Centralize and facilitate ethics & compliance process, up to electronic signature


90% of manual process automated

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99.9% data accuracy to improve compliance

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1 FTE Equivalent savings

Business Challenge

Current process is handled by Compliance team on Excel Files and Email:

  • Staffs are not always aware of all the steps and obligations.
  • Different roles are involved on different obligations.
  • Manual process, with repetitive task and the data is not structured, therefore not usable.

Fortia solution

2OS helped compliance team & employee to smooth the declaration process of an event (eg: gift received from a client, new corporate mandate) with a tailor-made application:

  • Automate the task related to an event, from the data input up to the electronic signature of the generated document.
  • Native capabilities to synchronize with current HR tool of the client to retrieve the list of employee and trigger event on new employee arrival.
  • Secured digital signature to speed up every process by allowing recipients to e-sign documents.
  • Data Management, design your business rules to make sure the data is top quality.