ESG / SFDR RTS compliance

Agreggated portfolio ESG rating, European ESG Template generation, Data dissemination.

Customer satisfaction

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99.9% Data accuracy to improve compliance


90% of manual task automated

Business Challenge

Portfolio ESG Scoring is complicated as it requires to aggregate data at different level:

  • Umbrella
  • Fund
  • Shareclass

In order to create a new service for their client, Customer needed to find a solution that is flexible enough and powerful in terms of Data Management & Dataviz.

Fortia solution

Customer successfully launched a new service for their client thanks to 2OS:

  • Data Management, to import & clean data from different data sources, structured and unstructured.
  • Intelligence Data Reconciliation capability to reduce human manual errors.
  • Governance, analytics and orchestration in real time on single platform lets customer ensure maximum control, auditability and predictability of automation by centralizing analytics, control and orchestration.
  • User periodic Review management, to know at any time who has access to what.
  • Data export to many formats.