Transform your KIID into KID for PRIIPS automatically within 2 minutes.

PRIIPS regulation is an operational challenge for companies. Indeed, generate KID for PRIIPS from KIID documents requires time. This process can be tedious and subject to error. Fortia answer to this challenge with artificial intelligence powered solution that will automatically transform KIID into KID for PRIIPS.

4-step Conversion

1. Upload KIID + regulation/Prospectus

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2. Tool extracts key information

3. Manual confirmation of extracted Data

4. Automatic generation of KID for PRIIPS

The 4-step conversion automates 95% of transformation processes. Thanks to manual confirmation step, the solution avoids error risks when generating a compliant document.

Compliant with the EU regulation

Fund companies are required to provide their investors with PRIIPS format documents (Regulation 1286/2014). KIDs for PRIIPS must comply with formatting rules and requirements set out in the regulations. The Fortia solution developed in partnership with the consulting firm Agama is prepared to meet these demands.

In addition, the Fortia application is highly flexible, allowing it to adapt quickly to future changes in regulations. This flexibility ensures that the Fortia solution is fully customizable to the user’s technical needs and graphic style. In 10 minutes, transform your KIID into a KID for PRIIPS specific to your style.

As a result

Our KID for PRIIPS solution will face this operational challenge by automating 95% of the process and release pressure on companies’ workforces. It saves time to fund expert and allows them to focus on other important tasks where their value is needed. Average time to convert a KIID into KID for PRIIPS is dropping from 5 days to 10 minutes.

The solution gives opportunity to companies to higher their level of compliance. Fortia KID for PRIIPS solution is trained to generate required documents, errors are prevented thanks to the manual confirmation of extracted key information.

This solution will save time, reduce workload and avoid fines due to compliance.