Optimize global product Lifecycle

Strongly reduce the time to market of an event.


90% of manual process automated

0 Excel files or email exchanged

FTE saving icon

3 FTE Equivalent savings

Business Challenge

Current process is complicated:

  • Complexity of process
  • Number of departments involved
  • Divergence in the way events are treated
  • Time to market considered excessive
  • Lack of visibility on costs (& efficiency?)
  • No specific lifecycle tool (but many peripheral tools to take into account)

Fortia solution

2OS optimizes information sharing with external parties (e.g. custodians, regulators, lawyers) by sharing a 360° pipeline of events, articulated around a common list and nomenclature of funds lifecycle events recognized and shared across your organization.

  • Standard libraries of events available for each type of product
  • Product referential : dynamic data model, versioning quality
  • Automated generation of draft prospectus
  • Advanced and transparent workflow
  • Tailor-made dashboards