Reliability & rationalization of regulatory documentation

Deep understanding of all the legal documentation of funds.


80% reduction in manual work.

Operational analytics

Operational Analytics captured throughout process

increase value

More capacity on higher value activities

Business Challenge

Asset manager needs to make sure the information in their legal document is reliable and complete. Core challenges:

  • Unstructured documents up to 700 pages.
  • Large quantity of information to be analyzed(around 90 data points, 35 legal clause, and investment restrictions).
  • Not always easy to interpret the text.

Fortia solution

2OS Doc Reader module helped legal team to extract key information from documentation:

  • Machine Learning models, to classify and extract data from legal
  • documents. Each manual intervention improves the completeness and confidence of 2OS machine learning models, which makes the Robot smarter and more accurate.
  • Business rule engine to highlight anomalies & discrepancies. Each alert is assigned to a user for follow up.

Through automation, the asset manager’s valuable analysts were able to shift their focus to higher value activities.