Speed up legal reporting generation process

Data extraction from unstructured document up to legal reporting creation.


80% reduction in manual work.

accuracy icon

99.9% Data accuracy to improve legal reporting quality.

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2 FTE Equivalent savings

Business Challenge

The internal team reads the OMs, extracts manually the information and then feed 2 IT solutions. The current process is too manual / tedious and high-risk of errors.

  • Unstructured documents up to 100 pages
  • Large quantity of information to be extracted (around 90 data points)
  • Not always easy to interpret the text
  • Error-prone manual process

Fortia solution

Customer successfully transformed data quality check process by using 2OS automation capabilities, power by Artificial Intelligence, in particular:

  • Machine Learning models, to classify and extract data from Offering Memorandum. Each manual intervention improves the completeness and confidence of 2OS machine learning models, which makes the Robot smarter and more accurate.
  • Native capabilities to export data to core system allows smooth integration in IT Architecture of the customer.
  • Governance, analytics and orchestration in real time on single platform let customer ensure maximum control, auditability and predictability of automation by centralizing analytics, control and orchestration.