Digitalize “Know Your Supplier” process

Digital supplier onboarding to reduce risk of fraud.


Improve compliance

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Data accuracy, manual errors eliminated and data can be re-used

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1 FTE Equivalent savings

Business Challenge

Moral entities are by law required to determine who are their suppliers to avoid fraud. Current process is difficult due to:

  • Multiple supplier type
  • Several check list depending on the supplier type
  • Difficult to follow up on the supplier life cycle

Fortia solution

With 2OS, client designed an application to digitalize KYS process with a tailor-made solution:

  • Automated workflow to follow up on required task to be done
  • Data Quality rule engine to maintain supplier databases
  • Dashboard & KPI to trace the activity
  • Native capabilities to synchronize with client’s intern software, which remains the golden supplier repository
  • Provide transparency and accountability throughout the process.