Lamarck Group and Fortia are expanding their partnership with an ESG offer.

5 juillet 2022
Lamarck x Fortia

Lamarck Group

A committed French consulting firm, specialized in Finance since 2014, B Corp certified, which encourages companies to finance a responsible economy through its 200 employees; is expanding its ESG value proposition with Fortia’s AI & enterprise-grade software building capabilities with the ambition to help financial institutions understand and implement regulatory requirements and their ESG strategies. 


Founded in 2012, post-subprime crisis, to respond to new financial regulations when existing technologies did not allow for quick compliance solutions to be implemented. Fortia innovated and invested in the field of artificial intelligence, process automation and large data processing.

These years, we observe a turn in finance industry moving from a full profitability strategy to a positive impact finance. Regulators put in place several rules to standardize and regulate the market while motivate financial institutions to do better. From SFDR to CSRD, we observe several problematics, and we are here to bring our expertise to our clients to facilitate their business.

Lamarck Group and Fortia are expanding their partnership

Today, Lamarck Group and Fortia are now joining forces to help financial services institutions automate the production of ESG regulatory documents with artificial intelligence and perform additional ESG required processes:

  • Pre Contractual disclosure
  • ESG Reporting
  • EET
  • Prospectus
  • Website disclosures
portrait Michael Priem

Michael Priem, CEO of Fortia comments : « Thanks to this strategic partnership with Lamarck, Fortia can identify, understand and address more business needs through Lamarck expertise. We are very pleased to collaborate and share our vision. »

Frédéric Paulet, CEO of Lamarck Group comments : « We are very excited about this partnership with Fortia. Our expertise in the business of financial institutions will be enhanced through an offer, now equipped with AI and no-code. The combined power of our expertise will provide our common clients more comprehensive response to their needs for performance, simplification and ESG impact.”


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