Why Artificial Intelligence is critical ?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a set of techniques used to create machines capable of simulating human intelligence. It is helped by the creation of applications and algorithms. We can see lots of theories on how it can help humans, business, health or other sectors.

3 juillet 2022

How does Artificial Intelligence work ?

AI needs three components: by combining a large amount of Data, High quality computing systems and Intelligent algorithms (coding) the AI software will be able to learn from the Data.

With rules and quantity of data, softwares becomes able to react and make human-like decisions. More the machine has experience and data to learn with, the more the machine will act as a human.

The importance of AI in the modern world

Nowadays the amount of data generated is huge. Each day, 2.5 quintillion Bytes of data are generated. This quantity of data cannot be handled by human capacity, nevertheless it is important to interpret this data and make complex decisions. Differently, the data becomes useless and it is a waste of money for the companies. The capacity of computing and making human-like decisions is why AI is very important in this modern society. 

AI is able to compute faster with extreme precision. Also, it has no problem absorbing a large amount of data at once.

Benefits of AI for business

As seen, AI gives real advantages in the modern world. This fact is even more true in business. Many companies have already adopted this technology. Using the adapted Artificial Intelligence for a business leads to benefits. 

Saving time is maybe the most precious asset of a company. Performant AI allows us to save time by automating daily tasks. Reducing the number of tasks to your employees allows them to be more productive. AI will offer assistance to your workforce. 

Companies invest in data, it is an invaluable resource. This data needs to be read and understood otherwise investment in data makes any sense. Machines are proficient at data processing, from what they learned, they offer personalized predictions and decisions.

Error-free doesn’t exist yet, but AI provides an accuracy that humans cannot match. Even for rough systems, AI range of error is very low, less than 1%. Using AI solutions gives businesses a higher chance to succeed. 

It is now well-known that customer satisfaction depends on their experience. Artificial Intelligence calculates the needs and requirements of an audience based on the data. It can predict comportment of users and then anticipate and propose an appropriate choice to the customers. 

Artificial Intelligence benefits
(Source: accredent)

Implementing an AI solution might be difficult. Developing its own AI solution requires hard skills concerning coding. This requirement is the main difficulty, coding an AI solution is long and developer costs are rising fast. For a company with low knowledge of developing software, implementation of AI solutions is too expensive despite the benefits it will bring.

2OS : the no-code solution !

Fortunately for those companies, there is now a new solution: the 2OS No-code platform. 2OS is a no-code platform which is a mixture of various technologies.

Thanks to the 2OS no-code platform, you merely need a few hours to create an AI application without any line of code. The interactive guide enables you to immediately use our platform without any instructions or training. 

The 2OS platform uses various technologies including AI, Big Data and analysis tools, automation of robotic processes, integration and interoperability in the cloud. All of them are managed exclusively in the no-code universe.

The 2OS platform also provides you algorithms with which you can analyse your documents and data so as to extract useful information with strong value-added (DocReader). You can also measure the market yields of your brands and products (Sentiment Analysis), and learn how to better communicate with your customers (Know Your Customer/Name Screening), etc.

Discover more on the 2OS no-code Solution.


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